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Our mission is to provide exceptional service to our customers while maintaining the highest level of professionalism. We will take time to educate you on the process of dent removal and address all of your inquiries. Contact us now for a free estimate!

Dentless Touch was established in 2009 by Christopher Ray (Certified Master Technician) in Alexandria, VA. We've developed and maintain a very solid partnership with insurance companies, automotive dealerships and body shops, as well as retail customers. In fact, all of our dent removal professionals are seasoned veterans and received advanced training, utilize the latest tools and technology, and provide the highest quality services available in the industry.

Every customer receives a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty is offered for all dent and hail repairs. Dentless Touch is fully licensed, insured and is incorporated in the State of Virginia. We also work with most major auto insurance companies.


  • Paintless Door Ding & Dent Removal
  • Hail Damage Repair
  • Alloy Wheel Repair & Reconditioning
  • Window Tinting

We have experience with all major car manufacturers

What is PDR?

Performed by skilled and trained technicians, paintless dent removal is a unique craft that utilizes special tools to remove door dings, dents, and hail damage without the need for paint.


Why Choose PDR?

  • COST

Paintless dent removal is far less expensive than conventional paint and body work. On average, our customers will save about 65-75% of body shop rates.

  • TIME

The majority of door ding repairs are 30 minutes or less, and large or complex repairs can be done the same day, as opposed to a few days with a body shop.


Unmatched paint, overspray, and bad panel alignment give away bad body work, while most of our dent repairs are 100% undetectable.


PDR can save you money if you sell, trade in, or off lease. Dent-free vehicles sell faster at a higher price. A dented lease vehicle will result in expensive fees.


Before and after photos of past customers' cars.
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Solar Guard® window film is the one product that starts working for you the minute it's installed on your car, offering benefits beyond your needs. Since Solar Gard blocks solar heat, you can experience these substantial benefits:

  • Furnishing & Upholstery Preservation
  • Reduced Hot Spots & Glare
  • Improved Comfort
  • Balanced Climate
  • Reduced Energy Demands
  • Extended HVAC Life
  • Increased Privacy
  • Aesthetic Enhancement

Tinting the windows of your automobile can provide years of added comfort and safety to you and your automobile. Dollar for dollar, window tinting is one of the best aftermarket investments to improve the look of your car and to help protect the interior.


Wheel Refinishing
Wheels scraped, gouged, scratched or in need of a new look? Our patented refinishing process can restore them to look like NEW. Our professionally trained technician will repair, prime, paint and clear-coated utilizing patent #6,347,444 paint adhesion technology. The paint is color matched for all foreign and domestic cars. We use the same high quality paint products used by the manufacturer. Most wheel repairs can be completed on-site in our Mobile Reconditioning Facility. Total time required to repair the average wheel is about one hour. Some finishes require powder coating or machining, which takes extra time.

Wheel Straightening
Bent or out of round wheels cause vibrations that can damage your vehicle's steering, suspension system and tires. We have the solution! Uncorrected vibrations will not only destroy your tires, it can cause serious damage to both the steering and suspension systems of your vehicle. We use a safe and effective patented process (US Patent # 7,334,449) that is ISO 9001 certified and tested to SAE Standards. We restore most bent wheels back to balanceable trueness in one hour or less.

Custom Painted Alloy Wheels
Would you like to give your alloy wheels a facelift? Now you can! Your local Alloy Wheel Repair Specialist can change the color of your alloy wheels. Our specialists have a variety of color options including our 5 stock colors: hyper silver, graphite, flat black, gloss black, and white We can also paint your wheels to match the paint code of your vehicle.



Located in Alexandria, VA off Rte. 1 between Potomac Yard and Old Town.

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