How Does Appearance Affect Sales?

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October 25, 2019
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How Does Appearance Affect Sales?


By Christopher Ray

Potential customers may determine your success even before you speak. This is because your appearance and presented body language are very critical first indicators in our industry. This includes your visual appeal, mannerisms, and speech which all play a role in influence their vote of confidence in your business. The goal is to satisfy those areas in a way that ensures trust in you to complete the repair.

First impressions are the name of the game. Whether good or bad, they can overshadow your knowledge and experience as a selling point. Something as simple as a smile or frown can impact you landing the repair. Outside of my own experience over the past 14 years, let’s look at some scholarly studies. In 2003, the Harvard Business School conducted a study on purchase decision making. Based on its findings, 95% of purchases are made in the subconscious mind. This means that your customer’s natural instinct which is based on their quick judgment of you can decide the answer before you have a chance to offer your “sales pitch”. Examples of questions that go through their mind are;

Can this person technically do the work?

Can I trust this person?

Will this person own up if something happens?

Overall, we want you to understand actions that can be taken to increase your chances of providing a positive image to your customers. Why a nice attitude impacts the psyche of a customer. How nice pants and a pressed/tucked in shirt shows pride in your work. Imagine you have to have a medical procedure done and your surgeon walks in with baggy jeans, a wrinkled shirt, and an overall sour attitude. I for one would not want him performing my surgery! Keep this same mindset when talking to your customers. You are performing surgery on something valuable to them. That is why they called you in the first place, to solve their problem. Always have your clothes neat, have a positive attitude, be confident, and most importantly go above and beyond to explain the procedures and ease whatever concerns them. Remember, a mind that is comfortable with you will purchase every time.

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