PDR Workshop | What Does It Cost To Start A PDR Business

PDR Workshop | What Does It Cost To Start A PDR Business

Ep. 55 what’s the true cost of starting a Pdr business

We all wish we knew exactly what it was going to cost to start our companies before spending a single dime. As everyone has different budgets the fact is, planning all the expenses beforehand can dramatically reduce the chances of unexpected expenses. In 2009, the Kauffman Foundation estimated that the average startup costs $30,000 lets break down how accurate this number is with a PDR Business.

  • Training time and cost  $6-15k
  • Tool expense $10k
  • Setup process
  • Marketing budgets $2k $500week
  • Networking
  • Vehicle purchase $5-15k
  • Recurring bills (phone, gas,
  • Insurance $300
  • Professional fees $1000
  • Business registration

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